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A day outing trip with my team: How things changed ……..

Hey, there! My name is Pavan, and I work with XXXXX , located at Koramangala, as Manager (Projects). The climb to success has been good and rewarding, but draining at times. Personal life took second priority and at 35 I sometimes feel old.

Timings at work and extended deadlines were getting to me and my team of 24 members. Brainwork all the time can really be exhausting with tempers getting shorter and shorter.  And once the last project was completed and handed over, we realized we needed a break. Together. As a team. Morale was running a little low amongst people and Nancy and Aishwarya (my team leaders) were a little worried about them.

We concluded that the best thing would be a team outing for a couple of days. Then again, taking off from work for the whole team was not possible. So we decided on a day outing trip around Bangalore over the coming weekend. Post discussions with the team and the feedback that resorts were getting too boring with only lunches and time in the pool; we agreed on an active day outdoors which was not very conventional and finalized on Camp Xtremezone for a day filled with adventure. A friend of mine had visited this place for a family outing and had recommended a visit.

So, finally, the day arrived. We had booked a mini bus early in the morning at 6.00 am and travelled together, which I kept wondering, if it was a good idea as not everyone seemed not too up beat during the journey. Anyway, we reached the location and post a short trek through open fields, where finally some life flickered among the team we reached Camp Xtremezone. The sight of the camp nestled near the Manchinbele Lake and the natural surroundings were a pleasant surprise.

We were warmly welcomed into the Camp by Dwarkanath (called DK! by his team of 5 station masters) and were immediately taken for freshly made breakfast and coffee. And then once everyone was done, a small briefing session was organized with the do’s and don’ts of the Camp guidelines for safety and the itinerary for the day.

We had opted for team building activities and adventure sports along with water sports.

Our corporate team of 25 people was split into three groups amidst some mumbling as friends were separated and teamed with others who hardly interacted other than at work…

Nancy, Aishwarya and Akshay were made the team leaders of the three groups and first task was raft building as a team activity. We were provided the props and life jackets and given a time limit to build the raft. Not only that, we had to row it into the lake and bring it back…. The scrambling to be the team to finish first was hilarious. And I could also see that everyone was trying to put in their bit and having fun in the process… and with the help of the Xtremezone staff, the teams managed to complete the raft, with Akshay’s team finishing first.

Then came the tough part, to see if the raft would stay afloat with people on it. And amazingly, all the rafts did J . It was nice to see Nancy, who was not at all comfortable in the water finally get over her inhibitions and enjoy herself.  Her team provided her the much needed encouragement and also helped her swim !!

We dint realize that we had taken up almost half the day in our enthusiasm….Next in line were other team building activities on the land like the caterpillar race and head and tail…. And the same people who were not so comfortable with each other when the teams were split, were all out helping each other compete against the other teams…. This was a learning for me too, as a Manager to understand that sometimes putting people out of their comfort zone can have positive results.

After a sumptuous lunch, where the team bonded in the shady dining area, overlooking the lake and relaxed for a while, it was time to start the next activity. Adventure sports. DK explained to us that these were Rope Course activities built around trees and the team which finished all the activities in the shortest span of time without falling or giving up half way would be declared the winners.

We were given our safety gear like helmets and harnesses and then one by one we attempted the exciting activities. It was a whole lot of fun where we were forced to concentrate and physically stretch ourselves.  It was heartening to see each person encourage the other and provide tips on ways to finish faster. We did have a couple of people who stumbled, but were able to finally finish with lots of cheering!

Nancy’s teams finished first and were thoroughly pleased with themselves! We could hear friendly bantering between the teams as to who would take lead in the water sports…. And that was next  on the agenda and was a much awaited activity. The weather was also good for some time in the water.

Aishwarya and her team seemed to have made up their minds that this was their chance to take lead and were in the water before the others could even as much get into their life jackets …

The teams then identified their so called best rowers (since this was the first time most of them were kayaking) and kayak race was on !

The excitement of the kayak race was palpable and as known, Aishwarya’ s team won…. And after the adrenaline rush, everyone took it easy and just swam around and canoed in the water enjoying the nature around us and totally unwinding.

It was finally time to wrap up and we all gathered for a much needed cup of tea and snacks and chatted about our day. We hadn’t had so much fun in a long time. Some of my team members had already made up their minds to go back and take up a physical activity like walking and jogging. Others decided to join the gym. This day out gave us a perspective that we lead such sedentary lifestyles and we do need to stretch a little for a fitter body.

After bidding Adieu! To DK and his team for a great day outing, we trekked back to our bus feeling re-energized and back together as a team!

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