Camp on the bay side of Manchinbele Dam

Close to nature, down-to-basics Camping events!

Camp ExtremeZone is an ideal getaway for a "camping in tents" experience which will give you wonderful memories and a feeling of being rejuvenated! While bringing the best of adventure at Camp XtremeZone we ensure a totally safe yet fun experience.

Going camping is fun, exciting and relaxing. It gives you a chance to enjoy socializing with your people and outdoor activity that you don't experience at workplace or home. One of the best things about camping is that it provides mental and physical benefits. Fresh air, exercise and sunshine are obviously great for physical health. But the more subtle rewards include social connection, a lift in mood, and the ability to calm your mind and focus.

Our instructors will brief you on safety and on correct use of equipment, if any used during camping.

What to bring - Comfortable clothing and shoes that allows freedom of movement. Bring waterproof clothing with you in case it rains. Mosquito repellant and a torch. Dark glasses, an extra pair of clothes, toiletries and a towel.

Activities - Camping, Camp Extreme Zone