Rock Climbing

Disover the moneky in you

Explore the excitement of climbing a vertical rock!

Rock climbing is an exciting sport that will give you a rush like no other. It is extremely challenging, combining physical strength with mental focus. The goal is to reach the summit of the rock using the hand and foot holds without letting go. Though it looks and seems an athletic sport, you don't need to be super-fit to rock climb. Good technique is more important than physical strength.

Equipment - For completing the activity safely, there are three primary pieces of equipment, they are - rope, carabiners and harnesses. Additional equipment includes helmets, gloves.

Safety and Protection - Rock climbing is a thrilling activity. Ensure you wear the safety gear without fail and enjoy the activity!

And most importantly : Our instructors will brief you on safety and on correct use of equipment. Follow instructions carefully.

What to bring - Comfortable clothing and shoes that allows freedom of movement. Bring waterproof clothing with you in case it rains.

Activities - Rock Climbing, Camp Extreme Zone