Rope Course

Swing between trees like Tarzan

Challenging rope course activity! Test your perseverance.

Rope course activities make for great corporate team building. The key to get through rope courses made of multiple activities is team encouragement and being focused as a group to complete all the activities within a limited time frame to emerge winners! These one-of-a-kind challenges will provide many opportunities for team building , bonding and great memories to take away.

Equipment - For completing the whole rope safely, there are three primary pieces of equipment, they are - rope, carabiners and harnesses. Additional equipment includes helmets, gloves.

Safety and Protection - Rope Courses are exciting activities, though there may be a risk of ropes or equipment jamming or breaking. Ensure you wear the safety gear without fail and enjoy the activity!

And most importantly : Our instructors will brief you on safety and on correct use of equipment. Follow instructions carefully.

What to bring - Comfortable clothing and shoes that allows freedom of movement. Bring waterproof clothing with you in case it rains.

Activities - rope-course, Camp Extreme Zone