Water Sports

Swim, Kayak and Canoe on the Manchinbele dam

Take the Plunge and have fun in the Water!

Spending a leisurely time in the water and engaging in any kind of water activity is an adventure enthusiasts dream! Dive right into the pleasant and safe waters of the Manchinabele Dam. Be it a relaxing swim, splashing water on your friends or kayaking, one thing we can assure you of is a great time!!

Kayaking is a well-known and loved watersport where one uses a kayak (a narrow watercraft) for moving across water. At Camp ExtremeZone, the fun of kayaking is immense since it is on a natural body of water and is very safe.

Equipment - Life Jackets are a must to get into the water.

Safety and Protection - Do not enter the water without wearing the life jacket provided by the staff at Camp XtremeZone. This will ensure your safety.

And most importantly : Our instructors will brief you on safety and on correct use of equipment if any. Follow instructions carefully.

What to bring - Comfortable swimwear, towels and a change of clothes. Bring waterproof clothing with you in case it rains.

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