Why Trust Us

Trust has to be earned, and should come only after the passage of time

Camp ExtremeZone

Mastering the art of perfect & safe outdoor experiences for 10+ years in Bangalore
Travel & Tourism

Camp ExtremeZone offers a range of adventure sports related products and services to consumer brands corporates, communities, individuals & schools across India, Dubai, Thailand and Srilanka.

Sustainable Travel

At Camp ExtremeZone, we have a minimal footprint on the environment. Set in natural surroundings and providing employment to the locals is our contribution to the cause along with actively planting seeds and saplings to increase the green cover.

Mission & Values

Camp ExtremeZone strives to provide you with the opportunity to challenge the human spirit and to experience the sheer joy and thrill of indulging in adventure sport under a single platform by making them accessible, affordable with an unconditional emphasis on quality and safety.

About Camp ExtremeZone

10+ years experience in Bangalore
Since 2003, Camp XtremeZone manages outbound learning for Corporates and families, where the activities covered are related to adventure sports like rappelling, rope course, team building activities, paintball and water sports.

The in-depth experience of the management team in adventure sports has ensured a 100% safety record for Camp ExtremeZone for 15 years.
Safety comes first
At Camp ExtremeZone, we are advocates of careful living, by facilitating easy access to adventure sports. What we also advocate, and rather firmly at that, is the importance of safety, safe adventure practices, safety procedures, adherence to rules and regulations, all to ensure a safe and sure adventure experience.

We have a Doctor on call and also ensure that participants are dressed in protective gear as per the activity they are taking part in.
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